Click on step 2 of the image in that link to get your Credential appointment set up.

Sign up for a badging appointment as soon as possible! It is your responsibility to make sure you can get your badge quickly. 

Most employees will be signed up for an ORANGE BADGE (sterile), so please select that option when signing up, unless told to sign up for a red badge. 

When you have your badging appointment, make sure you bring the required documents described in step 4 of the clickable illustration.

If you are applying for a RED BADGE:

You will first go to your credential appointment and upon completion, the Credential Center will give you a receipt verifying that you have completed the identification verification process. You will need this receipt to bring to your Red SIDA training session, so hold onto it. The room for training is located next door to the room you had your first credentials appointment in. You do not need to make an appointment for your Red SIDA badge training and can just walk up and get in line. Please be aware that the test itself takes about 45 minutes and sometimes there is a lengthy line.  

Here is the Credential Center website that has more information. This website keeps the information about the credential center updated, such as the hours of operation that often change. It will also show you the map of where the centers are located. Do not go to the Credential Center until you check the current hours of operations.